Jolisa Webb, CDC | Divorce Coach Confidante

Specializing in providing compassionate support and strategic solutions which help female Veterans and women in leadership successfully navigate the divorce process in a way which honors their individual truth and the unique beauty that lies within them.

I believe we all have a unique purpose and very special calling on our life. But what happens when we are faced with challenges that cause us to feel overwhelmed, anxious, depressed or betrayed to the extent they impede our ability to show up as our best self.

There are so many ways the trauma of divorce can leave a woman feeling stuck and broken … mentally, emotionally, financially, in some cases even spiritually. And when she is esteemed by her family and friends, her colleagues at work and in her community as a leader and pillar of strength, these perfectly normal human reactions can also present a particularly unique set of challenges.

For some, one of the biggest challenges often comes in the form of the day-to-day, moment-to-moment struggle to take a deep breath, remain cool, calm, and collected, so she can keep it all together in order to continue to live up to the reputation and image she has worked so hard to cultivate.


You would be surprised at how complex something as simple as breathing often becomes for a woman like this … but I’m not, because I was one of them.

Partner with me before, during or after your divorce to gain valuable knowledge and tools to minimize the impact of divorce on your emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Divorce coaching will help you save valuable time, money and sanity in the divorce process. It can also help stimulate your personal growth and development and fuel your evolution as a leader.